Meeting Patti – By Patrick Merino

On January 31, 2021 by Joe Giordano

February 15th 2013 was a Friday and as was my custom before and after retirement I would stop to shoot and listen to buskers in the Union Square station before jumping on a train to Astoria.  I had recently retired on January 3rd that year and was shooting some busker friends.  After they finished their set, this woman with a great (what I thought was a British accent) came over and asked me how I liked my digital camera.  I told her that I was really enjoying it.  I had recently upgraded from a Lumix LX3 to a GF1 with a 20mm pancake.

I noticed that she was sporting a film SLR and we just started talking about cameras and the type of photography we enjoyed.  She asked me if I had a card and if I posted online anywhere.  I told her that I had only recently joined FB after retirement but that I posted to Flickr and was messing around with a blog.  During the course of our conversation she handed me her card.  I was impressed with the simplicity of it.  It was then I noticed that we shared a first name.  I introduced myself and put the card in my wallet.

The next day early in the morning I took a quick look at her blog Nylon Daze  listed on the card.  The images in that  blog were lovely, intimate street moments.  I made some comments on some of them & followed it up with an eMail.  So began our correspondence and gradually a wonderful friendship developed over the years.

Attached are my initial message to her & her reply.. as well as the image I referenced in my email.

This is a link to Patti’s original Nylon Daze blog post titled – Waiting

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