Meeting Patti For The First Time – By Laurie Buchwald

On January 31, 2021 by Joe Giordano

During the autumn of 2016 I traveled from my home in Virginia to New York City for our first meet up of Monochromia contributors. This was when I first met Patti in person. I had been following her blog Nylon Daze before she joined our group at Monochromia.

Patti and Joe goofing around outside of a NYC Starbucks

I was on my way back to Penn Station for the trip home after the weekend was over and I stopped in a Starbucks with Joe’s wife Terry. I pointed my camera at Patti and Joe who were standing outside goofing around and Patti saw me and immediately raised her camera to shoot back at me.

Patti and Stacy Fischer in Central Park

This is Patti and fellow Monochromia contributor Stacy Fischer in Central Park. What a beautiful weekend we had the weather was so cooperative.

Patti cracking up at something funny one of us said

This picture was taken at the hotel restaurant. Somebody said something funny and Patti started cracking up.

Patti giving the waiter fashion tips

This was our waiter at the restaurant at the hotel we were staying at on West 26th Street.  He was showing us pictures of him in his drag queen outfits which he also did as a second gig. Anyway, we were so enamored with this charismatic young man and the fact that his grandmother was so supportive of him. I remember thinking how glad I was that he was loved by his grandmother. Patti was looking at his clothes and helping him match outfits to handbags. This was also the evening that we got to meet Patti’s husband Mark who is such a gentleman.

Terry, Joe and Patti at the Compton Ale House

This picture was taken at the Compton Ale House which was right across the street from the hotel we were staying at, how convenient 🙂 Terry and Joe Giordano with Patti.

Take that Laurie

This  picture was at that same ale house. Patti saw me raise my camera so she grabbed Joe’s camera to take a picture of me.

Patti on the hunt for another street image.

This picture is one of Patti searching for another street shot something she truly excelled at.

I think these images capture Patti’s personality along with her amazing smile. Mostly, I remember that immediately after meeting her, I felt that we were friends.

She embraced everyone!

I was so fortunate to spend just a little time with her ❤

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  • That was a fun weekend Laurie and I remember that waiter so well. I agree Patti had an amazing smile. I cant tell you how many times when I was in the city with Patti we almost laughed ourselves silly over something she had said. This was also the first time Terry and I (along with the rest of you) had the pleasure of meeting Mark. For me meeting Mark for the first time is another story for different type of blog post LOL ?

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